Have a Feel of History at the Shanghai in China

The level of fun and satisfaction is immutable when one goes to a country such as China.

Ancient seals, China's currencies and the "silk road" countries, national costumes, bronze utensils,

ancient artifacts, and pottery are just a few among the lot which can be seen at the Shanghai Museum

of the People's Square in China.

The entrance to the museum is free for all guests, as it also presents a unique opportunity to see one

 of the largest collections of ancient art in the world.  The Shanghai Museum exhibition  further

provides great experiences which no visitor of China would love to miss.

Today, tourism in China has advanced to a very rich and varied state. Furthermore, visiting China in

order to explore its great sights such as the Shanghai Museum highlighted above can only be possible

upon possession of the China Visa. This type of visa is usually processed and issued to the applicant

 after providing the following documents:

•    An original passport (without passport cover), on which will be affixed the visa

•    A visa Application Embassy Form

•    An identity photo in color and on a light background, to be glued or stapled on the Chinese form

•    A copy of a confirmation of the flights of entry and exit of China

•    A copy of pages 2 and 3 of the passport (on A4 sheet)

•    A copy of a confirmation of the flights of entry and exit of China

•    A copy of a hotel booking confirmation covering at least two nights

The above-listed documents should be presented at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate, and after

 concise verification, the  China Tourist Visa would be processed and issued within a few days. If you

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