First trip to India: 15 tips

You have long wanted to go to India, the country of dreams, fairy tales and legends. You are not afraid

 of the terrible stories of others that it’s dirty, there are many poor people and you can get very sick.

Then this charming country is waiting for you! Of course, it requires special attention and preparation,

 here are its own laws, culture and traditions, which must be observed. This region can be endowed

 with a variety of epithets ad infinitum, but whatever dreams and desires you have led there, a few tips

 will never hurt. India is one of the most amazing countries in South Asia. The cradle of the most

 ancient civilization, the birthplace of Buddhism and Hinduism today, it ranks second in the world in

 terms of population and continues to fall in love with travelers, eager for incredible discoveries.

1.   Choose the best time to travel to India

India is beautiful at any time of the year. It is considered that the best time for rest is the period from

 October to March. However, if you choose high-mountainous areas of the country, then the summer

months are also excellent.

2.   Advance purchase of tickets

If you have not had time to purchase the cherished pieces of paper, then this can be done without

 leaving your own sofa. Today, many sites specialize in finding the best deals from all airlines at once.

 In addition, you can independently determine convenient dates of departure and find tickets with a big

discount. Moreover, carriers regularly arrange various promotions and discounts. Also worth in

 advance to take care of housing. Book a hotel in India in advance, and your vacation will not be

 overshadowed by anything.

3.Vaccinations against diseases

Do not panic, you can do well without vaccinations, following simple rules of hygiene. Do not forget to

 wash your hands, fruits and vegetables. Do not eat immediately what you bought from street vendors

 if the product has not been cooked. Also do not drink water from the tap and other sources, it is

better to buy in bottles. To get a little used to local food, you can dine at first in European restaurants.

4.   Travel in India by yourself

As soon as you get a little comfortable, you can safely leave the crowd of tourists and go on a single

 voyage. India is a country that does not tolerate patterns and stamps. She is ready for everyone to

discover something personal, personal, unknown to anyone.

5.   The aroma of India is unique!

No matter how you prepare yourself for smells, at first they will haunt you everywhere. The smell of

garbage dumps, closely intertwined with the aromas of spices and incense, forcing the nose to

constantly wrinkle. No need to worry, very soon you will learn not to notice the stench and can only

feel the fragrance of flowers and aromatic resins.

6.   Incredible number of people.

A billion people live in India, with constant crowds in their eyes and dizzy. In such an environment you

get tired very quickly, so change your place of stay more often, go to the countryside, mountains or forest.

7.   Communication and language

You should not worry about the fact that you do not know Hindi, here everyone knows English. If you

 have difficulties with this language, then sign language will help you. The main thing is to smile and

be polite and Indians will always help.

8. Photo for memory

There is a belief among Indians that a photo with a European brings good luck. Feel free to take

photos with the locals when they ask you to.

9.   Indian bazaars

Do you want to feel the whole flavor of this country and its inhabitants? Then the famous Indian

 bazaars are what you need. The Delhi Chandni Chowk market is ideal, but small bazaars are also not

inferior in their color and originality. Here you have to bargain, as a rule, prices are already too high

by almost 10 times! Try not to leave all your money there on the first day, believe me, it is quite possible.

10.                Be careful with beggars and beggars.

Often, they get together, you should sacrifice alone, as a whole gang of beggars will immediately

 surround you.

11.                Don't forget, there are a lot of monkeys in India

There are a lot of them here, they even build temples for them, but you should not relax if you don’t

want to lose your things. There are Indians who specifically teach monkeys to steal expensive

 equipment from tourists. Always be alert!

12.                Capture the beauty

India is imbued with mystery, beauty and amazing things. At every step you can safely click on the

camera button, do not go wrong frame. The main thing is to have patience for the subsequent analysis

 of your photos.

13.                Forget the guidebook.

No standard route can replace your own desires and observations.

14.                Do not try to explore all of India in one day.

Striving to gallop across India for a few days, to see and try everything, you will rather bite off a bit of

everything, but you will not feel the taste. The country is incredible and you will not be able to drive

around it even for a couple of months. Explore all the most interesting places, make your own route,

and better, forget all the schemes and just trust your feelings and desires.

15.                Well, and the main advice for a trip to India

Do not believe anyone's stories, advice and feelings. Let India show itself from all sides and then you

 can draw your own conclusions!