Exploring the Chijmes Complex in Singapore

The Chijmes is a historic complex in Singapore that was once a convent and today, it retains much of

 its architecture while functioning as an entertainment area.

It is a space that houses bars, lounges, restaurants and is a super cool idea to enjoy an evening for al

 fresco dining or drinking among friends. The place has several different establishments, from refined

 and well-known restaurants, such as Lei Garden, to establishments with faces of ballads. It is a

democratic place, which becomes even more interesting by the architecture around it.

Even with the bars, there is still an on-site chapel and an area known as Chijmes Hall, home to works

of art. It is worth taking a walk in Chijmes, especially at night, when its atmosphere is contagious.

Today, foreign nationals wishing to enter Singapore in order to explore the Chijmes complex must be

 in possession of a valid Singapore visa for Indians, amongst other travel documents. If your idea is to

 know the country, below are all the necessary information required when processing the visa:

•    Return ticket or continuation of the trip to another country.

•    Certificate of vaccination against yellow fever for those who in the six days prior to the trip had

 been in a country in which yellow fever is endemic.

•    A valid passport for a minimum duration of six months.

•    Proof that you have enough money for your stay in Singapore.

•    Invitation letter from your Singaporean contact.

•    If you do not have a sponsor in Singapore, you will need to make a dated and signed letter

confirming that you do not have a sponsor in Singapore.

Furthermore, the period of stay granted is indicated on the stamp affixed to the passport of the

 visitor. Visitors are advised to check the date of entry and the number of days granted on the passport

 before leaving the Embassy or Consulate.

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