Explore Mont St Michel in France

Mont St Michel is located on the Normandy coast, 360km from Paris. It is one of France's most visited

tourist attractions, with more than a million visitors a year. Mont St Michel is a rocky island connected

to the mainland by a small access voice that was formerly covered by the Channel at high tide.

Today ramparts allow pedestrians and the shuttle to pass, without problem. What makes the place

spectacular is of course the abbey overlooking the rock, it is visible for miles around.

History says that the first shrine dedicated to the archangel saint Michel was erected in 709, but

already in a distant time the druids used the place, so it does not seem to have a precise date of

foundation, which makes the place even more mythical.

Today if you want to visit the place and you do not absolutely want to browse the souvenir shops,

 arrive in the late afternoon, as the majority of tourist buses will have left. All you have to do is climb

 to the top of the abbey and admire the grandiose spectacle of the tidal bore. Take the opportunity to

explore the entire area, as there are always exhibitions in season and take the time to visit also the


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